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When your dryer quits working all of a sudden, it’s time to call in a qualified dryer repair Bronx expert. If you are not keen on hanging wet clothes outside, turn to us for a quick assistance. Our company is a trusted leader in washer and dryer repair in Bronx, New York. Moreover, we strive to assist our customers with same day service in most cases.All the local specialists we hire have the expertise to handle all types of problems that may occur. So, don’t hesitate and get a professional help by getting in touch with us right now!Dryer Repair Bronx

The Bronx dryer repair experts are waiting for you call

Once you contact Appliance Repair Bronx NY, we will make your problem our top priority. Before dispatching a technician, we’ll ask you some questions to understand what is wrong with your unit. Whether you have a gas or electric model, the repairman will arrive fully prepared for your in-home dryer repair.Backed with years of hands-on experience, the tech will quickly pinpoint the source of the issue and fix it within the shortest possible time. With all the necessary tools and replacement parts on hand,it mostly takes a single visit to complete the job.

Here are some common problems that can impact the overall performance of your appliance:

  • Faulty thermal switches
  • Broken internal fuses
  • Damaged thermostats
  • Malfunctioning flame sensors
  • Bad igniters
  • Worn heating elements
  • And others

Such dryer service as regular maintenance can help prevent any of the listed above issues from happening. So don’t wait until your unit breaks and call in the Bronx dryer service specialists for routine inspection. No matter what type and brand you own, the local tech will make it run like new again.

As a dependable service provider, our company arranges a full range of services including dryer installation, repair and maintenance. We are standing by to assist you whenever the need arises.When you contact us during the business hours,you can expect one of the Bronx dryer repair pros to show up at your doorstep within a few hours of your call!

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